What is coworking, anyway?

Indy (short for “Independents”) Hall is home to an energetic and creative crew of freelancers and startup companies. It’s a coworking, or shared office, space: you can pay to use a flex desk for a certain number of days per week, or even to have your own full-time dedicated desk. The building itself is two stories, with work areas (“pods” or groups of desks) on both floors, as well as a kitchen and two conference rooms.

Indy Hall first floor

Indy Hall is known for its great community and collaborative spirit. As the website advertises with a wink and a grin: “We’re the coworkers you’ve always wanted.” It’s about facilitating personal productivity, but also about combating isolation, and about creating an incubator for great ideas and new ventures and collaborations.

Indy Hall office mascot

Timmy the Turtle, Indy Hall’s official mascot

Or, in the words of their ShareMySpace listing:

For Indy Hall, our ambition is to make Philadelphia (and ultimately the world) a better place to make a living doing what you love. The Greeks had a word – eudaimonia – which translates to “the good life”. More specifically, they described the good life as “…rich with relationships, ideas, emotion, health and vigor, recognition and contribution, passion and fulfillment, and great accomplishment and enduring achievement.” Sound appealing? Then Indy Hall might be for you. At the heart of Indy Hall, you’ll find great people having authentic and meaningful experiences. We are living – and working – the good life.

(I can’t resist quoting that. It may be the only ShareMySpace listing to invoke Greek philosophy!)

The community has been thriving in Old City Philadelphia since 2006. The mastermind behind it is Alex Hillman, a passionate worldwide advocate of community-building and the coworking movement. He’s generously agreed to answer some questions for us here at the ShareMySpace blog, so stay tuned to hear what he has to say!