Wedding Planner? Wedding Stylist? Wedding What?

As the awesome trend of filling your wedding with more and more personal details continues (hello Pinterest), brides are wondering who will be the one to make sure those details are in place. It’s not just the placement of escort cards these days that they have to worry about; it’s entire structures to display those cards that need to be built. It’s not just making sure a centerpiece looks good on the table, it’s creating a tablescape with layers of linens, chargers, flowers, candles and more.  A bride can’t rely on her mom or aunt to execute these extensive plans anymore. She needs a professional. 

But a wedding planner? Maybe not quite. If she’s booked her vendors, paid her bills, crossed her t’s and dotted her I’s, she might not need a wedding planner. What she needs is a stylist. Where a traditional wedding planner must be organized and efficient, a stylist is a creative personality. They can come up with ideas that will wow you and they are the ones that will figure out the logistics behind making those insanely awesome ideas happen.  They work with the venue’s facilities team to understand their rules, regulations and structures.  Sure a venue might be happy to step in to make your dreams a reality but you’re most likely going to be faced with creative and logistical limitations. Hiring a legit stylist means that you will most definitely walk into your reception and squeal with delight. 

A good wedding planner can make the entire planning process easier and less stressful. They will make the day of your wedding run seamlessly. They will confirm appointments, put out fires and make sure everyone is where they need to be at the time they need to be there. If you’re the bride-to-be that recognizes the benefits of a wedding planner and also want to fill your day with all of the amazing details you’ve come up with during your engagement, then you need both. Even better than hiring both? Hire a creative wedding planner. (Ahem, like moi)

I consider myself a creative wedding planner. I’m all about details, whether it’s hunting down the best groomsmen gifts to the timing of your getaway car to the exact shade of coral you need for your napkins.  I offer brides planning services, styling services or in the best cases, both services.

I was inspired to write his post because I’m constantly explaining what I do. I’m not just a wedding planner, I’m always saying. And more and more, brides are asking me about styling services because their venues are telling them they need someone to come in and do it. Luckily that person is me! Obviously not every planner & stylist is different and this is my take on things. Heck, even your florist & caterer may get involved a bit. Every wedding is different! But no matter what, have someone to take care of those little things because they’re what will stress you out the night before your wedding. Hire a professional and let it go.*



About the Author: Shannon Wellington


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