The Sharing Economy: Solving Underutilized Space

With all the press that the AirBnB model’s been getting lately, more people are becoming familiar with the challenges and benefits of sharing residential space. People who are traveling need places to sleep; you have an underused room in your house. Now, you have a platform for renting that room to the travelers who need it, making new friends along the way and also earning a bit of extra income.

But residential space isn’t the only kind of space that people need every day. At home in their own cities, entrepreneurs need spaces to make and sell their wares. Groups of all kinds need to hold gatherings in physical spaces, and independent workers often need offices outside of their homes. Bands need to practice. People get married; people celebrate holidays and birthdays. For all of those things, you need SPACE. And for a lot of reasons, renting informally from a local business, individual, church, or other community might be preferable to renting through more established channels — the same way renting a room from a family when traveling might be more enjoyable and cost-effective than staying at a hotel.

ShareMySpace exists to fill that gap. We aim to solve underutilized spaces for individuals and communities, making it easy for them to gain visibility for their spaces and attract local clients, which can do a lot to help revitalize a local economy.

When people look for spaces, they often either stay within their own social network or go through established commercial channels. So, for instance, a painter who wants to teach an art class for kids but isn’t a religious person might never know that the church down the street has several available classrooms that are empty most of the week. ShareMySpace exists to make that connection. The artist searches for classrooms in her town, and finds the church down the block where she can book space instantly.

We’re very excited about the potential this model has for local economies, and we’re excited that space-sharing in general is getting more attention from the press. NPR’s Morning Edition and All Things Considered are running a fantastic series this week called “The Sharing Economy: A Shift Away from Ownership?” Episodes that’ve aired so far:

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Check it out! It’s some great inspiration for thinking about spaces in a new light.


Photo credit: conner395 / / CC BY