The Antique Store Wedding

Looking for an unusual wedding venue? We bet you’ve never thought of this one: an antique shop!

Big Daddy’s Antiques of Los Angeles and San Francisco rents out its eclectic showrooms for weddings. There’s such an intimate warmth to this space. Natural wood and old metal evoke the timeless and enduring:

Big Daddys Antiques San Francisco 2

And the decor lends an undeniable sense of, well, drama:

Big Daddys Antiques Los Angeles 2

This evocative space has gotten lots of love from print and online magazines, including a spot on Buzzfeed’s recent list “22 of the Coolest Places to Get Married in America” — you can check out the Big Daddy’s press page for details.

This is such an inspired use of space that it’s made us wonder: why don’t more antique and vintage furniture shops use their space this way? We bet a lot of brides & grooms would love to tie the knot surrounded by beautiful objects that are rich in history. What if, for example, Philadelphia’s Material Culture was available for weddings? Or Philadelphia Salvage? These types of venues would lend such an unforgettable air of urban-industrial chic.

What’s the coolest unusual wedding space you’ve ever seen?