Sharing Economy: The Friday Internet Roundup

The whole internet is talking about the sharing economy! Of course it’s one of our favorite topics here at ShareMySpace, too — so for your reading pleasure, we’ve collected some of the best things we’ve seen on the web this week. Here’s our roundup:

1. 3 Reasons Why the Sharing Economy Is Here to Stay

Will Yakowicz,

Quality control for giant corporations has its limits. The sharing economy, however, is all about peer-to-peer transactions and transparency. If an Airbnb renter is a poor host, for example, users will know almost immediately. The entire industry is based on the bottom line of satisfying the customer and building a sustainable community, not selling as many products and making as much money as possible. MORE

2.Trust, Transparency and Shared Economy

Naveen Jain,

The sharing of resources among individuals is not new, but the internet is enabling this to occur at unprecedented levels of efficiency and scale.  For those who share, it holds out the prospect of additional earnings from their unused assets, less waste and the potential to connect up with a community of like-minded people. MORE

3. Europe’s BlaBlaCar Has Created the Purest Version of the Sharing Economy So Far — And It’s Working

Liz Gannes,

What’s interesting about the BlaBlaCar model is that it specifically discourages drivers from making a profit. The company posts a recommended amount each passenger should pay the driver, based on fuel and usage for their car and trip distance. It caps the amount so drivers can recoup their expenses with a full car, but not more. BlaBlaCar takes an 11 percent cut. MORE

4. How Much Does Asia Contribute to the Global Sharing Economy?

Alyssa Reinoso, Crowdsourcing Week

When one thinks of the “sharing economy,” the first companies that come to mind are Silicon Valley darlings, like Airbnb and Uber. While the exact value is hard to measure, the concept of the sharing economy in Asia has also been booming, albeit more quietly than in the West. With a flourishing ecosystem and culture of micro-entrepreneurship already present in Asia, the foundation is there for the sharing economy to continue its ascent. MORE


Photo credit: rednuht / / CC BY