Renting a Yoga Studio: Sharing the Namaste Way

Yoga studios are a type of space with a very particular atmosphere, used in a very particular way. Classes last an hour or maybe 90 minutes, and a busy studio may hold six or seven classes every day, but that still leaves a whole lot of time when the studio is empty and those glossy hardwood floors, warm spicy colors, and peaceful atmosphere have no one to enjoy them.

The studio pictured above, Shanti Yoga Shala in Philadelphia, takes advantage of that time and allows outside groups to book the studio for exercise, yoga, dance, and theatre. (If you’re interested in booking the space pictured above, click here!) Many other yoga studios are also taking advantage of unused time and renting out their space, not only for exercise and dance classes, acupuncture sessions, and  meditation workshops, but even for things like kids’ birthday parties or weddings. Here are some great examples:

1. Atmananda Yoga Studio, New York City

Atmananda Yoga Studio, New York, NY

Atmananda has a kitchen and community lounge, so they can rent out this beautiful space for everything from “cooking workshops to dinner parties with friends.” We bet you never thought of calling your local yoga studio and asking if you could host a dinner party there! But what a beautiful space for a relaxing, peace-filled meal.

2. Studio 34, Philadelphia

Studio 34 has a great setup for hosting events: two spacious studios, wellness rooms, a conference room, and a lounge, as well as a kitchen. They write that sharing their space for totally different types of event was not something they envisioned at first: “We didn’t foresee hosting weddings at Studio 34, but they have turned out to be wonderful experiences for all involved. Our affordable, versatile spaces work well for both ceremony and reception. We have lots to offer any couple to make their wedding a beautiful, unique and stress-free day, including good vibes.” Brilliant!

3. Yoga Loft, Chicago

Yoga Loft, Chicago IL

Yoga Loft rents out for many types of event: with a little imagination, the space can be “transformed into the perfect spot for a bridal shower, party, corporate event, or retreat.”