Pesky Unused Airplane Hangar? List It on ShareMySpace!

Okay, so we know airplane hangars aren’t the kind of unused space you’re *most* likely to have lying around. But we appreciated this shoutout from Geekadelphia today:

Let’s say you own an airplane hanger and you just don’t know what to do with it. (Of course why you would have an airplane hanger in Philadelphia is beyond me, but I digress…) You’ve tried multiple times to rent it out, lease it, hell, you even tried to convince people to have a prom in it one time to no avail. What to do? Read more

ShareMySpace: the answer to underutilized space! Not just airplane hangars, of course, but neglected second floors, patios, offices, and retail spaces.

Like we’ve mentioned here before, there are 40,000 completely vacant properties in Philadelphia alone — and a whole lot more that are underused. It’s time to get creative with making that space shareable, bookable…making it work for our cities and communities. And that’s a big part of what we’re here for.

Check it out!