Looking for a Lofty Event Space in LA?

Check out the coolest loft known to man — a multipurpose, amazingly build-out-able space with a warehouse-chic aesthetic.

The Coolest Loft Known to Man

Lofts have open floor plans that lend themselves to almost any type of event. This one “can be designed to accommodate almost any event,” says lister Jeanine, “from screening, to private gallery, to pop up/ trunk show, to meeting place, to yoga class… Ideally, tell me what you want, and I can more than likely design it.”

We wonder how many space owners are being this creative with their multipurpose loft areas! There are quite a lot of postindustrial cities in the United States, with a whole lot of underused warehouse space. Warehouse owners could be putting that space to use on a regular basis by listing it online and tagging it with suggestions for potential uses: popup shop, dance class, party space.

There’s an irresistible cool factor to a loft, and it may not take a ton of building out and upgrading to attract renters. Look at the basic simplicity of this space:


And yet the industrial-chic aesthetic makes it extremely appealing.

Are you considering making your warehouse or loft space searchable & bookable with ShareMySpace?

1. Consider your market. A loft space is unlikely to attract a formal wedding reception; it’s very likely to attract a young urban fashion designer’s popup shop, an art show, or a party. Make sure you list those options under “SPACE USES” when you list your space.

2. Take great photos. We can’t say it enough times: take great photos! If you want to check out our comprehensive guide to making your space look its best, check out our post on photography here.

3. Are you willing to build out the space, designing according to the client’s needs, or do you want to rent the space as-is? Make this clear in the listing, and take it into account when setting your price.

4. Be accessible. Include a photo of yourself in the listing, so clients know who they’re emailing! If you don’t add a profile picture to your listing, clients can feel like they’re sending their inquiry into a black hole of internet nothingness — it’s much more appealing to email someone who’s made themselves visible & approachable.

And by the way, if you’re planning an event in LA and you’re interested in booking the space pictured in this post, you can click right here:

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