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Most of us think about space every day — but usually we think about it inside the box. Kitchens are for cooking in. Apartments are for living in. You can rent a retail space to a retail merchant, a kitchen to a chef. Here at ShareMySpace, we’re used to thinking a little farther outside the box — that unused second floor of a local clothing boutique? Why not rent it as a studio to a local artist? We make these connections every day.

So we’re inspired by these transformations that are way beyond outside the box! Check out what artist Heike Weber can do to a room with markers & pens:

Blue Marker Installation Marker & Pen Installation
Marker & Pen Installation 2

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Weber draws these mesmerizing lines by hand, with permanent markers. When she’s done, the whole texture of the space has been transformed — you’re bobbing on the waves of an ocean, or surrounded by dreamlike stalagmites that almost seem to be alive. The shapes seem to swirl and wave right under the feet of visiting viewers. Check out her website to see even more of Weber’s amazing work!

Looking to do an installation of your own? Check out the Philadelphia Arts Garage. It’s got two floors of performance space well-suited to a fusion of different media, as well as a restaurant and cafe, two bars, and outdoor seasonal seating. With a gritty industrial-chic aesthetic, it’s the perfect place to make a design statement with impact.


arts garage

Arts Garage Mural


Interested in the Arts Garage for your installation?  Click here!