How to Take Stunning Photos of Your Space

When you’re trying to attract potential renters, you want your space to put its best foot forward. One of the most important things you can do when creating your free ShareMySpace listing is to take excellent photos.


Why are pictures so important?

  • The number one decision-making factor for venue seekers is the quality of the pictures they see on the site.
  • Venue seekers will spend four times as long viewing a page with clear pictures as they will spend viewing a page with blurry pictures.
  • Spaces with four or more pictures get nine times as many inquiries as spaces with just one picture!

How to take great shots

  • First, you’ll need a camera that can capture at least 5 megapixels. The header image on a ShareMySpace location page is displayed at 1360 x 328 pixels, so you’ll need high resolution. Fortunately, most modern point-and-shoot digital cameras (as well as iPhones) can capture this amount of resolution.
  • You want the picture to show a space flooded with light, so if you’re taking an indoor shot, make sure all the lights are on. Bring in some extra lamps from another room if you can!
  • Tripods are indispensable for getting a clear shot that eliminates any blurriness from the movement of your hand. If you’ve got a tripod and an SLR camera that you’re comfortable using with manual settings, you can also adjust the exposure time to let in extra light. See below for a video tutorial on how to make this adjustment!
  • Ideally, you should post 5 to 8 photos for each space within your location.
    • Photos 1-3: Photos taken from at least two different corners of the room, and also a central one.
    • Photo 4: If it’s possible, include a photo taken from above — from a loft, stage, or stairwell, to give a high vantage.
    • Photos 5-6: Show the space in use.
    • Photos 7-8: Close-up photos of any design elements that make the room stand out, like a fireplace, a fountain, or a wine bar!
    • If the venue is for theater or performance, include a shot of what it looks like from the spectator’s perspective.
  • Put the best photo first, since it’s the first thing people will see when they visit the space page!
  • Worried about getting it right? Don’t fret! If you’re in Philadelphia, ShareMySpace will send a professional photographer to your space to take some great photos for free — and you don’t have to lift a finger. Elsewhere, you can check with the photography program at a local community college or university and find a student who’s looking to build a portfolio. Make sure you retain ownership rights to the photography while providing credit to the artist — that way it benefits you both!
  • Remember that empathy is the best way to a potential tenant’s heart. Highlight the experience, not just the venue! This is why photos of the space when it’s in use are so important. Having a few smiling guests in the shot is not a minus — it’s definitely a plus!
  • A warm-toned picture is more inviting than a cool-toned one. If you have a “cloudy day” setting on your camera, try it for indoor photography. It can warm up the entire shot. Or if you have access to photo-editing software that can apply a quick warming filter, try that!
Vintage camera

Technical Specifications for ShareMySpace Images

  • Header images on a location page (that’s the main ShareMySpace homepage for your location, which is separate from the pages for individual spaces within that venue) are displayed at a resolution of 1360 by 328 pixels.
  • These pictures are wider than they are tall, so make sure your photo is landscape-oriented.
  • Make sure the front of the building is in the center of the photo. The header image will crop out the top and bottom, focusing on the center of the picture.
  • Don’t forget to include an image of your logo! Any clear, small image will do. (It’ll be displayed at 80 x 52.)
  • Our file size limit is a hefty 20MB, so don’t worry about uploading high-resolution images — there’s plenty of room! A larger image file is better than a smaller one.
  • As for the photos of the individual spaces within your venue, these are displayed at 960 x 400.
  • The MINIMUM width and height for a ShareMySpace photo is 400 x 400. Smaller photos cannot be displayed.

We know this is a lot of information.

But don’t be intimidated! Any picture is better than no picture at all. Don’t let your space hang around without a picture because you’re too worried about getting the perfect picture! We’ll say it again: ANY picture is better than NO picture. If you’re concerned about how your space is looking, feel free to email us after you’ve posted your pictures. ShareMySpace offers a complimentary review of all photos. We’d be happy to take a look and tell you if there’s anything else you can do to get your space looking its best!

And last but not least, since a picture’s worth a thousand words…

Check out these ShareMySpace clients who have done a fabulous job showing off their beautiful spaces!

And if you like getting nerdy about photography…click here for a fantastic tutorial.


Photo credit: kevin dooley / / CC BY