How Business Districts Can Use ShareMySpace to Boost Local Economies

How can business improvement districts draw in more foot traffic and fill vacant retail spaces, boosting their local economy in the process? ShareMySpace is a great tool for getting those spaces filled and drawing people in! The listing process is easy — and it doesn’t add to the business district’s annual budget, because it’s free. Here are some of the ways a ShareMySpace listing can help you kickstart your district:

1. Events, events, events!

Are all the potential event spaces in the area visible to people who might want to book them? More events in the district mean more traffic, and that’s a great thing for all the businesses. Once people have come to a neighborhood to attend a concert, poetry reading, class, corporate party, or street festival, they are likely to patronize another local business — stop off for a cup of coffee, have a bite to eat, buy a t-shirt or that cow-shaped mug they never knew they needed. When one event venue does well, the local eateries and shops do well, too. So making sure the area’s event venues are fully in use is important for the whole district. Event venues from the traditional (concert halls) to the outside-the-box (a small stage in a cafe) can be listed on ShareMySpace, to make them easily searchable and bookable online!

2. Embrace short-term retail

Are there buildings in the district that have been hanging a “For Lease” sign out forever, but in the meantime are sitting there vacant, discouraging foot traffic and bringing no new business to the neighborhood? Sure, the property owner may be holding out for a long-term tenant paying the asking price, but that doesn’t mean the space needs to be unoccupied this month. There might be a designer, artist, or artisan who wants to run a popup event for just a month or two, and if the landlord is able to continue showing off the space during that popup, he or she is much more likely to find a long-term tenant. Space in use is more attractive than empty space! Take a look at our interview with Philly designer Kendra Brill, who ran two recent popups in retail spaces that had been vacant for ages. After the landlords agreed to her short-term lease, they found they were able to find a long-term tenant to follow her with no trouble at all. Encourage building owners in your district to list their vacant retail spaces on ShareMySpace!

3.  Don’t forget wall space!

Artists are always looking for places to display their work. Local businesses, coffee shops, and restaurants can offer space for small art exhibitions, which brings an attractive creative vibe to the area and connects local artists with local art appreciators in a perfect symbiosis. Businesses get great decor; artists get the chance for some additional exposure. Cultural vitality is an important ingredient in any neighborhood economy, so get artists & artisans involved and visible!

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Photo credit: Charlie Stinchcomb / Foter / CC BY