Looking for a chic & classy venue? Host your party at a local art gallery!

You might have strolled around your city on the first Friday of the month, popping in and out of art galleries, sipping wine, nibbling cheese or fancy crackers or cute little starfruit slices, and schmoozing with local artists. Did you know that a lot of galleries are also available to book for private events and receptions?

A party at an art gallery has an undeniable cool factor.  Being surrounded by creativity is exciting, you get to support the work of artists in your community, and we suspect that the wine & cheese, or whatever delicious hors d’oeuvres you may choose, will even taste a little better in such a richly visual setting! Here are some great examples:


1. Pentimenti Gallery, Old City Philadelphia 

Pentimenti Art Gallery Philadelphia (2)


Pentimenti “features content driven contemporary art which challenges traditional materials and aesthetics.” Its fresh, contemporary aesthetic provides a fun and invigorating atmosphere for social and literary events: cocktail receptions, intimate parties, readings, panel discussions. And it’s centrally located in one of the most historic neighborhoods in Philadelphia.

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2. little berlin, North Philadelphia

little berlin gallery


little berlin is a different sort of gallery space, with a raw loft aesthetic and a space available for gallery shows as well as events and performances. The gallery is also in the process of partnering with other neighborhood organizations to create an outdoor fairground space, currently available for gardening and community events.

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3.  Instituto Cervantes of Chicago

Instituto Cervantes Chicago


Philly’s not the only city with galleries available for event hosting! If you chat with some local gallery curators in your area, you can probably find someone who’s willing to work with you on hosting that perfect event, surrounded by culture. Instituto Cervantes in Chicago is another gallery space that opens its doors for all types of intimate gatherings — networking events, wine & cheese receptions, small parties.

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