Extra room? Invite a local artist!

Wondering what to do with a spare room?A lot of properties have an extra space with no apparent purpose: a room, garage, or attic that ends up getting filled with dusty cardboard boxes, broken machines, or unwanted furniture, just because no one can figure out what else to do with it.

Have you ever imagined a new set of possibilities for your spare room? Artists and writers often need an affordable creative space outside their home, a space exclusively dedicated to their work. With a little sprucing up, could your space serve as an artist studio?

When you’re renting to a creative individual who’s part of your local community, you have the opportunity to build a great working relationship. Even if you don’t have a space that would be appropriate for a visual artist who needs to work with cumbersome materials and sometimes make messes, you might have one that could serve a poet or writer. If the room can accommodate a desk and perhaps a bookcase and comfy reading chair, you might have a marketable space!

Go look at your spare room — and imagine the possibilities.

Photo credits: sindesign / Foter.com / CC BY-SADee Speed / Foter.com / CC BY