Church Communities and the Sharing Economy

The ShareMySpace platform can be a portal to “conventional” space rentals, like hotel ballrooms and corporate meeting rooms. But we’re also enabling smaller space-owners, like churches and community organizations, to list their spaces online and make them bookable with a minimum of hassle.

Take the Old First Reformed United Church of Christ, for example. Most churches have a ton of underutilized space. The congregation may only use the sanctuaries, kitchens, and classrooms fewer than 12 hours out of a week. The rest of the time, the space is empty. If these rooms could be made available to people who need space, they might help serve the needs of the local community while providing a valuable source of revenue to support the church’s work.

Old First has listed 9 of its underused spaces, including an outdoor courtyard, a parking area, and a small studio apartment:


Old First Reformed United Church of Christ Courtyard



Old First Reformed United Church of Christ parking area



Old First Reformed United Church of Christ Studio


Tips for churches who want to share their space:

  • Take great pictures. Clear, high-resolution, attractive photos draw potential clients in and show them the possibilities of your space. You can probably think of someone with a digital SLR camera and a sharp artistic eye — or even someone who’s very clever with an iPhone camera. If not, ShareMySpace can send a photographer to snap some glamor shots of your space, free of charge!
  • Think outside the box. You may have a room that’s used for Sunday school classes once a week, but it could have potential as something besides a classroom — a dance studio, for instance, or a kids’ party room.
  • Get to know the needs of your community. Is there a shortage of affordable commercial kitchens available to young cooks who are starting their own food businesses? That might make for a smart rental opportunity, and contribute to the growth of your local economy at the same time.

You can see more of the beautiful spaces at Old First here!