Burdoc Farms: Rustic Elegance in Crofton, KY

Looking for a peaceful, rustic venue for a wedding? Crofton, KY (population: 838) is a small town outside Clarksville, TN. It’s home to Burdoc Farms: a bed and breakfast nestled into beautiful, unspoiled farm country.

What can you do with 700 acres of beautiful, unspoiled farm country? We have one idea:

Burdoc Farms Wedding

Eager to share their love of the countryside, Burdoc Farms owners Sara and Burwell first created a bed & breakfast on this old family farm, and now they’re making it available for weddings, parties, corporate retreats, and other events. The property features a restored pole tobacco barn and hay barn, as well as plenty of open-air spaces and eight miles of recreational trails.

Rustic space in Crofton


We love the Burdoc Farms story.

As the years went by, Sara and Burwell decided to build a smaller log cabin behind the family home for visiting family members and friends to stay when they visited.  Many friends have told them over the years that people would enjoy getting away from the city and coming to the farm to stay.  After Sara and Burwell’s three children left home, they realized that a bed and breakfast would be a great way to share their love for the farm with others.

Turning the farm into a bed and breakfast and, later, into a multipurpose event venue, has been a way of preserving a piece of land that a family has loved for generations. Sharing the space has kept it alive.

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