6 Great Dance & Movement Spaces in Chicago

Chicago has a legendary history in the performing arts. Home to hundreds of theater and dance companies, the city has no shortage of sparkling cultural venues. It also has a wealth of great spaces for you to start your own little company! Want to host a dance class, a theater rehearsal, a performance, or a yoga workshop? Here are just a few of the wonderful spaces Chicago has to offer.

1. Arabesque Dance & Fitness

Arabesque East Room

Arabesque hosts its own lively schedule of belly dance classes. When the space isn’t in use, it’s available to rent for a variety of private events. It’s located directly off the Kennedy Expressway and has access to plenty of free street parking for your guests’ convenience.

Neighborhood: Avondale

Size: Two 1,500 sq ft studios, each accommodating 100 people

Space uses: Dance performances, classes, and workshops; theater performances; private parties



2. Visceral Dance Center

Visceral Dance Center Studio 2

Billed as “Chicago’s most progressive dance center,” Visceral Dance Center is home to a repertory company that pushes the frontiers of contemporary dance. In its off hours? It could belong to you.

Neighborhood: Avondale/Logan Square

Size: Studio 1 = 1750 sq ft; Studio 2 = 2,400 sq ft; Studio 3 = 1300 sq ft

Space uses: Classes, workshops, rehearsals, and performances



3. Ballroom Dance Chicago

Ballroom Dance Chicago

This is a gorgeous space, with lofty ceilings and shining hardwood floors. The warm and welcoming atmosphere is great not only for dance, theater, and fitness events, but also for private parties and cocktail receptions.

Neighborhood: Lake View

Size: 2,000 sq ft

Space uses: Dance and theater performances; yoga and pilates; classes and workshops; private parties



4. Move Beyond

Move Beyond studio

Neighborhood: Ravenswood

Size: Accommodates 15 people

Space uses: Dance, theater, & yoga



5. Pineapple Dance Studio

Pineapple Dance Studio

Neighborhood: Forest Park

Size: 1,200 sq ft

Space uses: Dance classes and rehearsals



6. Soul 2 Sole Dance, Inc.


Neighborhood: Highland Park

Size: 10,000 sq ft

Space uses: Dance and theater performances and rehearsals; classes and workshops; private parties